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Underworld : The Shelter
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December 17, 2020
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Download Underworld : The Shelter Mod APK Latest Version for Android After Fallout Shelter, there was no other interesting game in the genre, but Underworld: The Shelter has been able to be the end of the story and find many fans. This game is very similar to Fallout Shelter, but in many cases it is completely different and the gameplay is easier.

In this game, you have to build and manage a secret organization, which is actually a shelter for survivors of WWII. At the start of the game, your organization has its headquarters and clinic. The design of the game is vertical so your foundation is displayed on multiple floors. Each character falls into a category and has a specific mission, for example: roaming characters are responsible for searching for different items, finding resources, and helping build and develop your organization; Mining characters are tasked with collecting gold; Mushroom cultivation characters work on farms to produce food.

Download Underworld : The Shelter Mod APK Latest !

In order to unlock locked rooms and upgrade old rooms, you must be able to obtain gold and various items. To do this, you have to get out of the shelter and face the danger of radioactivity and mutant monsters to get gold and items and rescue the survivors. When you leave the shelter, due to the presence of radioactivity, your blood level drops and you must be warned that this level does not reach zero.

In the Underworld: Shelter: Every time you destroy monsters in rooms, doors open and the amount of radioactivity decreases. In this way, players do not lose much blood and can continue searching. Players can add equipment like a respirator to the characters, but these masks are not very durable and lose their effectiveness when entering the radioactive areas. Control the game in the best possible mode, suitable for all mobile devices.

Just move the game character this way and that; Actions are executed automatically such as attack, remove items and. Although Underworld: The Shelter falls in the category of simulation games, role-playing elements can also be seen in the game.

Players must upgrade characters, manage headquarters, and assign missions to them. The more you go through the different stages and destroy the monsters, the more experience you will gain and the blood pressure and respiratory protective mask will increase. In addition to the main story of the game, you can face other players online and attack their shelters. The graphic design of the game is comic style and has 2D graphic effects.

*A thrilling expedition system for only survival!
*Mission about collecting various material of surviving and experience fast and breathtaking battles!
*Construction and operation of various production facilities.
*Residency happiness management and strategic facility layout.
*Various equipment collection and production.
*Experience the thrill of intense online invade(PvP) battle between real players!